Beau and Oli

Beau&Oli is a British made and inspired  fashion label, created and designed in 2014. 
With a close, creative studio team and UK family owned manufacturer. Beau&Oli endeavour to create an effortless, feminine and vintage inspired label. 
Inspired by all things vintage and elegant for the ultra feminine, modern woman.
Designed by women, for women, our focus is to suit the independent woman of today, who have a bold and sophisticated edge. With a passion for vibrant prints, each piece is designed and created to inspire women to express their personal style.
 Designed by women, beau&oli have utilised Curve Technology within construction and at the same time developed an Exclusive Soft Cell fabric that wraps and drapes across all feminine figures in a unique and sophisticated way.
With a passion for vibrant prints and sophisticated silhouettes, each season brings a unique style that is complimentary to all feminine figures.

"Worn Today, Loved Forever"

Beau and Oli